Voice of MD

I would like to introduce Gaurishankar Overseas Pvt. Ltd. as an independent
recruitment and consulting agency. This company has been established in 2005 A.D with an objective to provide skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Nepalese manpower in all areas of recruitment, selection, relocation in the international labor market.

The main area of our activities are recruitment projects for specialist, managerial post and complex recruitment services are different types of industry and category. Our company has experience of any kind of category and new technologies sectors depending upon on the client’s requirements.

We are fully aware of the importance of recruiting highly skilled, professional and experienced personnel, and work at full capacity to recruit tailor made personnel to suit yours requirement. To achieve that, every stage of the recruitment process is executed professionally and maintain the highest standards of recruitment. Gaurishakhar Overseas Pvt. Ltd has experience in international recruitment and processes all the required qualification in the field of Human resource. Every recruitment project is given a dedicated consultant to overseas the project through completion.

When choosing Gaurishankar Overseas Pvt. Ltd you are guaranteed a loyal and trustworthy business associate. Our company works in accordance with rules and regulations laid down by the Government Department of Employment and in compliance with RBA code of conduct. Establishing standards to ensure that working conditions in the supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operation are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.

Thank You!
Nahakul Rai
Managing Director